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USA 2012

The North America Tour intended to expose Imperial students to international culture and enrich their rugby experience both on and off the field. The opponents were been chosen because of their academic standing and reputations, which Imperial endeavors to emulate. It was envisaged as an opportunity to raise the profile of Imperial College abroad in the United States and build upon an already favorable sporting and academic reputation.

Visits to American landmarks (including Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and the Charles River), experiencing the sporting culture and understanding the unique history of the US were all fundamental features of the tour.




Boston was the first stop for the tour, here matches were arranged against MIT and Harvard, two of the best universities globally.

The boys also got a chance to go to a Red Sox game, a highlight of the tour.

Activities: Baseball Game at Fenway Park

Washington DC


The group visited Washington DC to take in some of the Capital’s fantastic scenery such as Capitol Hill and the White House.

No matches were played here.

Activities: Trips to Capitol Hill and the White House



One match was organised in Philly, Princeton University.

The group were given a chance to split up and enjoy the surrounding culture, as well as the renowned night life.

Activities: Visit Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell.

New York City


New York was the final stop, one match against Columbia University.

Here respect was paid at Ground Zero, along with visiting the Statue of Liberty.

Activities: Paying homage at Ground Zero and a visit to Time Square.