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Japan 2010

Not since the 50’s and 60’s had ICURFC sent so many tourists on an international tour. 41 members went on a gruelling 18-day tour to the land of the rising sun, visiting the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto, as well as the more modern cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Karaoke, climbing Mount Fuji, Sumo and the incredible Japanesse hospitality made this an incredibly memorable and rewarding trip.




The ICURFC Japan 2014 tour kick started with flights to Osaka. The group were met by representatives from Kyoto University and travelled together to Kyoto, the first stop.

Fixtures for both teams against Kyoto University were a great start to the trip. Soon after the group stumbled upon several Karaoke bars, where they discovered that drinks were free with the singing, a disastrous combination.

Activities: Day trips to Nara, visiting the Temples and Shrines.



Travelling on the Shinkansen the group went to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Here fixtures against Tokyo University for the 1st XV and Yokohama Country & Athletic Club and Kokushikan University for the 2nd XV were held.

The group went on a trip to Mount Fuji, however only a few tourists made the 8 hour climb.



The final destination of the tour was Osaka, here the 1st XV player Osaka University of Health and Sports Science.

The group also went on a trip to Nagoya to see the local sport of Sumo, here the front row felt truly at home.