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Argentina 2014

In September 2014 a group of 25 players, composing of players from all three of Imperial’s Rugby Union teams, travelled across Argentina from Buenos Aires in the east to Mendoza in the west. The tour promised matches which pushed the team to bond and work hard together, as well as activities to unwind and experience the Argentinian culture.


Buenos Aires


The first stop was the Capital, Buenos Aires, renowned for its culture and elegant tango.

Three matches were scheduled for this destination; the first against a university side Universidad del Salvidor, then against 10 time provincial champions Belgrano Athletic Club de Rugby and finally against an old boys side The Old Georgians.

Activities: Argentinian Tango, watching a Boca Juniors home game at the famous ‘La Bombonera’ stadium, sightseeing.



Rosario predominantly a student town had lively streets with performers and street artists as well as a rich culture and history.

Here, the boys will played match against Rosario’s most successful team, the Jockey Club de Rosario. The Jockey Club Rugby Union team has twice won the Torneo de Interior, a competition between 32 of the best Argentinian club teams.

Activities: Bicycle, sailing and horseback tours of the area.



Córdoba is located in the geographical centre of Argentina. This once Spanish owned city is now a hub for Argentinian music and festivals.

No matches were scheduled here, instead it was a chance for the tourists to unwind after the 4 tough games.

Activities: Meals at world famous Argentinian barbecues enjoying the renowned South American steaks.



Mendoza, described as “the land of good sunshine and good wine”, was the penultimate stop.

Again no matches were scheduled here but instead cycle tours of the area’s renowned wine region.

Activities: Tours around the famous wine region.


The final destination of the tour took the team across the border into Chile where the SCL Aeropuerto de Santiago awaits them. The road over the Andes was a thrilling and treacherous route.

From here the team flew back to London Heathrow, marking the end of the 2014 tour.