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From the left: Devontae, Jon Lineham, James Cox & Rizby.
From the left: Devontae, Jon Lineham, James Cox & Rizby.

Imperial College Union Rugby Football Club (ICURFC) have recently been involved with an activities scheme called LetMePlay. LetMePlay provide free sports, arts and educational courses to children in the local boroughs, giving them the opportunity to get involved with various activities during the school holidays. Following a link made between the club and LetMePlay at the end of 2013, two members from ICURFC were invited to run a session during LetMePlay’s activities week.

James Cox and Jon Lineham volunteered to run a two hour long session on behalf of the club which was aimed to cover as many aspects of rugby as possible, while also catering for a range of ages and abilities. The turnout was only small in comparison to the football session, which seemed to be the most popular choice for participants, yet the 10 who did turn up were very enthusiastic and really got stuck in. James and Jon taught the players all the basic skills used during a rugby match, while also educating them about the laws of the game. The players were able to develop their passing and kicking skills, while also, probably the most enjoyed aspect of the session, improving their tackling skills. There was also a competitive aspect to the day with a range of mini games, where the players were able to put the skills they learnt into practice.

The training session was an enjoyable and beneficial experience for the children who attended, with a lot of positive feedback from LetMePlay. The club have been invited to run more sessions in the future, and hopefully they will become more and more popular over time. ICURFC are looking to maintain this relationship with LetMePlay, hopefully being able to improve the participation levels in rugby, while also being able to gain some valuable coaching experience for the university students, and gaining the opportunity to give something back to the club’s local community.

Visit their website by clicking here.

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