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The Dallaglio Foundation uses the disciplines of rugby to increase the future prospects of children from disadvantaged backgrounds at risk from long-term unemployment, criminality and imprisonment. Imperial College Rugby share this vision with The Dallaglio Foundation and have entered in to a partnership with them in order to raise the profile of the charity.

The Foundation works across the country in Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff and the Imperial squad will be lending there experience to aid in the London area, helping with Fund raising and coaching aspects of the program. Through this the club will aid these disadvantaged children through a three stage journey from:

  • Engagement – minimising the impact of their past
  • Integration – making better decisions in the present
  • Achievement – planning for a more successful future

The players at imperial know the positive impact that rugby has had on there life and wish to pass that experience on to others less privileged than themselves.

To donate to the cause Please text DALL08 £{insert amount here} to 70070 to donate. Or visit

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