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Imperial 1st team started their season with a bang dispatching medway 37-0. The match ran with Imperial dominating from the start, with big collisions being the theme of the opening encounters. This resulted in Imperial going ahead early from a penalty. With Imperial camped out on the medway line, Club Captain and number 10 for the day, Charles Price-Smith fired a double miss pass out to the towering wing Josh O’Donnell to dot down for the opening try of the match. Imperial then capitalised on medway indiscipline at the break down taking field position and working their lineout, constructing a mall on the opposition line before driving over twice in succession, both trys being scored by number 8 Tom Hedley.

Play then broke up with Chris MacBeth threatening the Medway defence. Captain Dave Nielsen-Scott carried well before being swiftly inverted by the opposition and mixed like the human martini that he is, luckily for Imperial the captain appear to have been stirred rather than shaken by the experience going on to carry the ball 50 meters later in the game only for the ball to die at the hands of Carlos Sheppard.

In the second half Imperial fell foul of a string of penalties resulting in the illustrious honorary secretary Tom Hobson receiving his first ever yellow card but he took the compulsory 700 push up fine in good spirit and his pecks will thank him for it.

Ed Durkin then took hold of the game using his tactical kicking to put his team in all the right places. Capitalising on this Tom Hedley scored two trys in quick succession. One from broken play handing off the fullback and the other he acted as the beneficiary for a well worked backs move, this took his running total to four for the game.

Thanks to front row union, Nathan Tomlinson, Tom Hobson and Jon Lineham Imperial’s dominance at scrum time allowed them to work a 8, 9, 15, wing move, culminating with Josh O’Donnell going in to score his second in the corner.

Imperial withstood the attacks of Medway holding on to their clean sheet and securing the first of many wins in the season to come.

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