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2nd XV team huddle. Credit: Benjamin Lester (
2nd XV team huddle. Credit: Benjamin Lester

Imperial College 2nd XV 10 - 19 Imperial Medics 2nd XV

Having watched the 3rd XV put in a magnificent and flair dominated performance, the IC 2nd XV stepped out into the sun looking to complete the holy grail of a 3W Varsity. Unfortunately it was not to be.

The game set off with a few tense first collisions, the Medics managed to secure possession early on. A simple set play from the Medic back line culminated in a rather silly looking Will “face-plant” Taylor (see here) and led to the first Medic try, despite excellent cover tackling from Gavin Roberts. 0 - 7

As both teams began to settle down IC began to put immense pressure on the Medic line. In what seemed slight role reversal from the 3s game, unfortunate errors struck the IC line. Another moment from Taylor, after a brilliant Tom Mavin offload, left us unable to capitalise fully despite a good penalty from Charles “owns a safari park” Price-Smith. 3 - 7

A series of penalties and bad luck left the forwards putting in a huge shift on our line, finally after a scrum it had seemed we’d survived, but with extra players drawn gaps appeared. A simple shift out wide gave their winger amply room to score. 3 - 12

IC rallied forcing our way into their half and after a good driving maul Jamie Curtis was able to break the line and score, despite seemingly attempting a LeBron impression on his way. We therefore went in to half-time a mere 2 points down.

Half-time: Imperial College 2nd XV 10 - 12 Imperial Medics 2nd XV

The second half was a very ragged affair with IC desperately trying to gain territory against the wind and hill. In going for territory, possession was sacrificed; meaning chances were few and far between. The Medics were able to get one over despite wonderful defensive work from Roo, among others. We shall put down to windy conditions, not the communication issues between the back 3, or Taylor’s dodgy tackling. 10 - 19

Despite the result, a large squad of very promising freshers and a broadly successful year, despite circumstances, mean that the IC 2nd XV finished the season with their heads held high. Next year’s meeting will be a chance to show the medics what we’re really made of.

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